I am excited to share some of my very favorite speakers, writers and websites with you.

These books and tapes have had a meaningful impact on my life and the lives of my clients.
I picked only those that are clear and practical and supported by what the research has demonstrated over the years. I also tried to choose people who are fun and funny as well as deeply meaningful.

I grouped them into topics. Â Each has something special and meaningful to offer depending on the season of your life.

I am especially excited that I will be posting videos and podcasts of recent conversations with Sandy McDaniels, Sue Johnson and others. I hope you will download these so you can listen at convenient times like during your commute or while exercising.

Whether you are having babies, recovering from an affair, whether you want to enhance and deepen your intimacy or develop a couple vision, you will find useful information here. Choose the ones that reflect the season of your marriage right now or whatever upcoming event you anticipate — like a new baby or retirement.

Enjoy exploring,




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