Links to Resources: Relationships, Marriage, Parenting & Preferred Vendors

Here are links to more wonderful resources.  These are organized by categories and if not directly related to my main focus which is relationships, marriage and parenting, they are entities whom I believe support building strong, happy families.  I have also included a few of my preferred vendors. If you would like your site to be considered for this comprehensive list of websites, blogs, radio and tv shows, magazines, newspapers, etc. , please email with your request. In most cases, we do require that you provide us with a recriprocal link.

Babies & Baby Things

Blended Families



Children With Disabilities, Raising – Blogs

Children With Disabilities, Raising – Websites

Dads, Fathers, For Him – Blogs

Dads, Fathers, For Him – Websites

Divorce - Blogs 

Divorce – Websites

Families – Blogs


Families – Websites

Finances – Blogs

Finances – Websites

Gay Couples Relationship – Blogs

Gay Couples Relationship – Websites

Generations – Blogs

Generations – Websites

Geriatric - Blogs

Geriatric – Websites

Grandparents – Blogs

Grandparents – Websites

Health  – Blogs

Health – Websites

Institutes – Blogs

Institutes – Websites

Finances – Blogs

Finances – Websites

Magazine – Blogs

Magazines – Websites 

Marriage – Blogs

Marriage – Websites 

Military Families – Blogs

Military Families - Websites

Moms, Mothers – Blogs

Moms, Mothers – Websites

Pregnancy – Blogs

Pregnancy – Websites

Pregnancy – Blogs



Sex & Romance


Therapy, Marriage Counseling – Blogs

Therapy, Marriage Counseling 

Vendors – Websites


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