Review: Raising Your Spirited Child by Mary Sheedy Kurcinka

Parent Saver & Marriage Saver

In my many years of experience as a clinical psychologist when a Mom says that she has a difficult child or a spirited child I recommend this book. Mom’s know when their kid is harder than average. Spirited kids are great kids who will become interesting people.
This book opens your eyes about how to work with your special child at lots of ages and stages. We were blessed with one high maintenance child and one low maintenance child. One made us look like parents of the year and the other made us feel like parents hanging on until I read this book and relaxed into simply what was. I wish I had found it much earlier. Click here or book cover to purchase Raising Your Spirited Child.

Podcast: Dr. Carol Interviews Parenting Expert Sandy McDaniel

Master storyteller hosts “Parenting SOS”

Sandy McDaniel is a master story teller who, for 20 years, has taught parenting internationally. Spontaneous humor and warmth are wrapped around her ability to solve everyday parenting and personal power problems. She offers a host of products and workshops. Her “Parenting SOS” website offers podcasts, a newsletter, and lessons to help you become “the parent you want to be.”

Dr. Carol was pleased to interview Sandy recently about her current projects and her thoughts on parenting and generational happiness.

[audio:|titles=01 – Sandy McDaniels]

Sandy is fun, isn’t she? How would you like to start implementing her program?

Review: How to Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk

This is a book that really helps people to change the way they approach their kids.
By Elaine Mazlish
How to Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will TalkThis book is a classic, a real gem. I first discovered Elaine Mazlish when my sons were three and four. My mother-in-law, who raised five sons herself, used to watch my kids once a week when they were small. We both read it and loved it. And then we would both re-read it whenever we started drifting off course and going back to our old bad habits.

I gave my sister a copy. She posted the reminder cartoons (great cartoons, by the way) and chapter summaries on her bathroom mirror. Her friends kept taking the copies so she had to keep re-copying the summaries!

Twenty years later, I still give the book away regularly to my clients. It’s a book that really helps people to change the way they approach their kids. I have used it with people who were child abuse survivors and as a result have had no parenting models. They all love it, too because it really helps them change.

Twenty years later, the one thing most people say about my two sons—who are very different in almost every way—is how polite and respectful they are to people. My mother-in-law and I attribute it to this book.

Early on, I discovered that Elaine Mazlish’s book works on husbands, too! My husband is a better listener as a result of the techniques that I learned from this book. With enduring value and no updates needed, this book is a classic. It is part of a series, by the way, and each book in the series is just as wonderful as this one!