Alison Armstrong: Keys to the Kingdom

Simple, Sweet Stages of Male Development:
How to Cope and Support Males at Each Stage

I enjoyed this book. Armstrong uses a simple story line to introduce the stages of male development. This book rang true about the stages of male development and how to respond at each stage. While it could be viewed as anti feminist, it feels like she captures meaningful differences between men and women and treats them in a very respectful way. Even though it is a little cutesy, she also shows how loving, passionate and very happy marriages can go off the tracks with competing male and female expectations about relationships.

I was struck by how many men wrote on Amazon that they liked the book. I would have hesitated to ask a male to read it, assuming they wouldn’t be interested. Some things she describes in the book I had discovered with my own husband and sons because I wanted so much to understand them, some came from my Clinical Psychology training and practice. This book puts it together in a simple, little package. My friends who are happily married and “get” their sons seem to get her messages. I wish I had read it sooner. I have already recommended to clients. Click here to purchase.

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