A Happy Marriage is the Best Gift... for yourselves and your children.

Baby proof your marriage.
Be the couple that you want to be and the parents you want to be.

"Carol Lindquist raises parenting issues we all worry about but seldom discuss. Her book is smart and easy-to-read. You'll feel like you're having coffee with an old friend."

Chris Erskine, Columnist, Los Angeles Times

Five to One Ratio

Five to One Ratio You Need To Understand To Have Healthier Relationships with Dr. Carol Ummel Lindquist, Board Certified and Clinical Psychologist.


Create a Couple Vision

The Couple Vision Process helps you plan for your lives together and create a road map for reaching your dreams in a weekend or a few hours over three weeks. Call Dr. Carol at 949-494-5432 or email for a workbook or weekend workshop.

About the Book

Here, finally, is a guide to help you make a smooth transition from partnership to parenthood while preserving intimacy.

With check lists, tips and how-to’s in every chapter, the author reveals what you can do to protect and work through normal problems to make your marriage feel better.

Dr. Carol describes many ingenious ways for couples to grow closer, savor their sex lives, cultivate a loving village, and even how to argue so they can build a warmer, more loving marriage.


Hear What People Are Saying

“…as if you had been looking in on our marriage. I love the ideas and the encouragement that you offer. I am sure you have saved countless marriages! OK well, I have never in my life written to an author, regardless of how much I liked his or her book. But in this case, I just had to let you know….”

Erica D.

“Nora Ephron said that “having an infant is like tossing a hand grenade into a marriage.” … perhaps simple is the best place to start for couples trying to function on four hours of sleep. …. a worthy reference for couples short on sleep and patience, but desperately in need of quick solutions to bring the fun and connection back to their marriage.”

Erica Jorgensen, Amazon Review

“Don’t wait until it’s too late to save your relationship! Dr. Carol Lindquist is an expert in couples therapy, and in this book she shares her wisdom with the masses. You will gain practical tools for navigating universal parenting stressors, and emerge a stronger, healthier, happier family for having read it. I look forward to using this book as a resource in my practice.”

Jessica Drew de Paz, Psy.D., Laguna Beach, California

“As a psychologist working both with couples and individuals … So often I have found that parents of young children feel very isolated and overwhelmed … practical and easy to read, even when you have had an exhausting day with the kids … focuses on solutions, recovery, and repair.”

Ira B. Poll, California